Ladies and Gentlemen. We are a building business company, actively in the market since 1976. After big construction of offices, shop and apartment buildings we have directed our activities in recent years to holiday houses construction in coastal areas.

Our region of construction , Yeni Foca is a romantic fishermen's town on a small scale. This area began just on the seashore and is partly covered with forest. Yeni-Foca is on the north coast of Izmir. 60 Km from the International Airport.


in izmir-yenifoca : Bursa

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Besides the transportation facility which the motorway provides there is a city connection every half an hour. In addition to fresh fish offered to you at the fisherman's pier you can have the choice of shopping at the tiny shops restaurants or bars.


You can jump into the sea at any point in Foca. However it is another pleasure to swim in isolated bays which are very beautiful.The distance between Foca & Yeni Foca is about 20 Km and is now one of the best and most beautiful sandy shores of Turkey.


Yeni Foca is an ideal coastal line for water sports such as scuba diving swimming and sailing (but is unspoilt by commercialism)
As for the climate it is mild and sweet. The warm hearted people are ready to help and friendly towards foreign people. This creates excellent possibilities for living or for holidays.

The houses completed or just beginning construction are;terraced houses; semi detached houses and flats. Of course there are also single houses and villas. We look forward to your enquiries and invite you to browse our web-site to see our work and have details.

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Sincerely Yours,

T. Hadi Soysal - Constructor
Serdar Soysal - Arthitecture
Sidika Soysal - Sales and Marketing


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