1. Unique geographical location
Turkey enjoys a very special location at the crossroads between East & West overlapping Europe and Asia geographically. The proximity of the new emerging markets in Middle East and Central Asia creates unique business opportunities

2. A strong international investment record
The experience of more than 4,000 foreign capital establishments include 104 of the top 500 companies. This confirms that Turkey is in a predominant investment location.

3. A fast developing economy
The average growth rate of 6,8 % for the last 3 years, which is well above many OECD countries, implies a dynamic and growing economy. WTO outputs also state that Turkey is among the most dynamic 20 countries in the world trade.

4. A huge domestic market
With a population of 63 million and an increasing consumer purchasing power, Turkey offers a huge and dynamic domestic market to investors.

5. High-skilled, competitive labor
The Turkish labour force is well known for its skills and learning capacity and competitive labour rates offer a cutting edge for industries.

6. High quality standards
The new quality oriented generation in both manufacturing and services sectors ensures high quality levels; and this is also proven by two Turkish companies (Brisa and Netas) winning the European Quality Award consecutively in 1996 and 1997 and one other (Beksa) winning the European Quality Award for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

7. The gateway of energy resources
Turkey is located at the gateway of the Middle East and Caspian petroleum with Central Asian natural gas to the west which is regarded as the future enery reserves of the world.

8. A state of art telecommunications network
Turkey has a relatively "young" telecommunications network with the latest technology, which can easily compete with the developed countries.

9. Economic and political stability
Turkey is identified with its democratic parliamentary regime and a stable growing economy within its region.

10. Strong ties with Caucasia and Central AsiaTurkey is a leading investor in Caucasian and Central Asian Turkish Republics. Due to her strong cultural and historic ties, Turkey provides privileged access and a perfect base to develop business with these countries.

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