Witness to a golden past
Yeni Foca has a small marina and a fortress dating back to the 8th century A.D.It is a beautiful and charming place for holidays. The panoramic coasts and beaches are typical of this area of Turkey.
Yeni Foca offers you tiny village shops and small markets.You will find clean waters of the Aegean sea in the bays of Yeni Foca.
Sewerage water is not pumped into the sea as it is in Spain & Italy. Pollution is zero%.

Diving, sailing surfing fishing are but a few of the many sporting activities here. You will not encounter a problem for your vessel in the marina. You can if you wish join daily boat tours on the crystal clear waters of the sea.

Foca and surrounding places are full of excursion opportunities. The Antique Ephesos and ancient bazaar in Izmir are excellent places to visit.



The history of Yenifoca begins in the 14th century on the northern Aegean. With magnificent bays our fisherman's town gives an immediate atmosphere of holidays. Yenifoca is encircled with numerous bays sandy shores and golden beaches.You can see CLUB MEDITTERRANEN a French holiday village nearby..


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