To buy real estate in a foreign country, is first of all, a matter of confidence. We do not want you to have the experience at a loss. Do not take a risk. You must be careful and be sure that people you buy from are confident in every respect.

You have come directly to "PRESTIGE OBJECTIVE" number (1)in his business. The fact that we have been in the construction business for such a long time denotes how responsibly and reliably we serve our customers. This good service of ours enables us to have good references from our customers.

We submit to you very satisfactory proposals. New or second hand houses; title deeds guarantee; rented houses;representation etc.are all included in our service.

You see how easy it is to possess a house in Turkey. We are at our buyers service during and after sales. We always have time for your requirements and wishes.

Cleaning gardening and electric light expenses will be proportioned by the house owners. Total amount of these expenses should be about £150 - £200 per annum. Every year you will receive a schedule of expenses for the following year.


Prestige Objectives are legally acceptable, none of them have a mortgage or are shared.
On these objectives there is severe discipline and quality work created and controlled by ourselves.
Plans are prepared by 27 years experienced architecture and construction engineers at Yenifoca. All our sales are without furniture.


Upon signature of agreement:10%,initial payment 20%, end of course construction:40% and at key delivery time:30%.
Buyer and seller will check together the completed house before the buyer takes it over. When the buyer has paid the amount indicated in the contract, the Title Deeds will be approved and the Title Deeds will be registered at the Land Registration Office.

Secondary expenses:

Notary charges; duties; insurance premiums; title registration; fees related expenses will be charged to the buyers account.

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