Perhaps you have been to Turkey many times before, or perhaps it is your first visit. Nevertheless, you think for a moment unbiased and ask yourself frankly what do you know about Turkey and the Turkish people.There may be some things that you remember Istanbul; kebabs; belly dancers; mosqes and 1001 nights! Yes there must be one Turkish person that you know well; or perhaps you might buy your vegtables and fruits from a Turkish greengrocer in your street; or you must have read news in your daily newspaper about Turkish football teams developing rapidly; or a Turkish wrestler who has won the world championship.
Do you think that this alone gives you a real picture about Turkey and her people?

What about many other things? For example, Green meadows; Twin rivers of Euphrates and Tigris; The coastline of the Aegean hillsides covered with forest; Asia minor Peninsula with blue waters of the four seas; Many lakes; Magnificent Mount Errate which rises up above the clouds with its peak of 6165 meters high. You can enjoy living all four seasons in a day in Turkey; You can play with snow, as soft as powder in the morning, get refreshed in the blue waters of the sea; or pick oranges in the surrounding orchards of Izmir.

Turkey is a beautiful country, her people are warm and friendly and hospitable. Everywhere at hotels; bazaars; on transport vehicles; on beaches you can observe warm interest. Turkish people will help you whatever your problem.
Turkish cuisine is known to be one of the best in the world. High quality specialalities prepared from daily fresh vegtables and fruits; delicous varieties of fresh fish just caught and served; dishes of beef; veal; lamb;and mutton are prepared from healthy animals kept in natural pastures.


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