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Coastal Line of 2500 Km.

Crystal clean water.

300 days of sunshine per year.

Golden sand beaches of as long as 95 miles.

Lovely mountain villages.

Pleasant climate.

Very kind, friendly and warm hearted peoples.


Yenifoca, on the Aegean Coast of Turkey.


Because 70% of the land belongs to The National Trust.
Furthermore this is a reserve area and is under protection.
For these reasons building land is restricted, consequently
land prices are rising rapidly.

When you have read our introductory papers about this territory you will understand. Also inflation in Turkey is high.

Despite this factor investments on real estates are developing fast. As this district is only 44miles from Izmir one of the big cities of Turkey, Turkish people are showing a keen interest. Such positive factors denote that a real estate property earns about 30% per annum. Because of the excellent climate, houses do not need much heating.Turkey during the coming years will gain membershio to the EC.When this happened in Spain & Portugal prices rose dramatically.

However enough for the moment to give you time to look at the other

Climate | Holiday and Intrest | Benefits | Communication
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